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Derek Wright Piano Tuning and Repairs

Covid 19 Safe Working Practice
Revised 26th February 2022

When working during the Corona Virus pandemic I have been following my own fairly strict measures to minimise the risk of me contracting the virus and/or passing it on. These have included always wearing a face covering, disinfecting piano keyboards before and after working on them, using hand sanitizer, asking for ventilation of the room containing the piano, and bringing my own towel so as not to use my customers’. I am triple vaccinated and have been taking daily lateral flow tests.

In the light of restrictions being lifted I have decided to reduce these steps, but still with a view to protect vulnerable customers and ensure that everyone feels safe.

From now onwards I will:

ask if the customer would like me to wear a face covering.

I can, on request, sanitize the keyboard.

I will take twice weekly lateral flow tests and will willingly take one on the day of a visit at the request of the customer.